Outline, Cut, and Remodel Faster!
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Outline, Cut, and Remodel Faster!

Stop Making Mistakes and
Start Making Perfect Outlines
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Save on Remodel Costs by Eliminating Re-do's and Re-Measuring!
Easy to Use and Recommended for Both Beginners and Experts!
Try SuperGauge Instant Outline Tool Now!
“As a licensed contractor, I was blown away by the SuperGauge. Just push it against any odd shape and watch it form to fit. I've saved a shocking amount time and money by using the SuperGauge for flooring projects, tiling, and cabinetry installation. "

Why Do You Need

Within minutes, you'll be able to accomplish cutting and measuring work that normally takes hours!

It Pays For Itself

You can't have flooring or tile that doesn't perfectly fit to the wall right? A gap would look ugly and you'd have to throw away the mis-cut materials start over!

With SuperGauge, just push it against the wall and outline on the material you're going to cut, then cut along the line. It makes cuts perfect every-time so you waste less materials and save money.

It Saves Your Body From Unnecessary Strain!

You know what it's like to take on a big home project. First it seems like it will be quick... but after several hours, pain begins to invade your neck, spine, and knees. SuperGauge helps you get work done faster so you can spend less time in pain and more time enjoying the satisfying result of your hard work!

It's 13 Remodeling Tools in One

Have you ever started a project but then had to go back to the hardware store to buy more tools? Well not anymore. SuperGauge replaces a ruler, protractor, angle finder and more. It is designed for:
  • Woodworking
  • Auto body
  • Auto metal sheet
  • Remodeling
  • Carpentry
  • Construction
  • Flooring
  • Laying tile
Now you can be satisfied and comfortable while you breeze through all kinds of home projects.

Say Goodbye to Costly Mistakes, Poor Cuts, and Bad Outlines!

Try SuperGauge Instant Outline Tool Now!

Guaranteed Results

Unlike other products, the SuperGauge is upgraded for real professionals to use. Features include: a wider frame for more depth of measurement, locking feature to hold outlines in place, and high strength ABS and metal construction.
Save Time + Money
In the past, tracing edges and outlines is the most time-consuming and frustrating part of any project. But, with the SuperGauge you don't have to spend hours with a protractor, paper and pencil. You can just outline and trace in seconds.
Perfect Gift
Even if you don't use tools, what about your husband or dad? Imagine the look on their face when they realize SuperGauge will save them hundreds of hours of work. It's a practical gift that will pay for itself and they'll love you for giving.

Use SuperGauge on
Your Next Home Project

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE are taking on home projects themselves now that they have discovered SuperGauge Instant Outline Tool. Discover the amazing benefits in minutes!
  • Instant Outlines for Perfect Cuts

  • Saves Hours of Measuring

  • Durable & Portable

  • Built-in Ruler and Lock Feature

  • Waterproof and Rust-Proof
Perfect gift for anyone who is remodeling, contracting, or woodworking. For both DIY beginners and professionals.

Why People Love The

Over 99 5-Star Reviews this Week!

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